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Quick start&stop

The biggest advantage of Primoline radiators is its good efficiency and energy saving. The Quick Start&Stop system, with carefully planned airflow and a small amount of water in the radiator, allows the radiator to heat and cool in a very short time. It contains only 1/10 of the amount of water compared to the amount of water in a classic radiator


  1. higher efficiency (saving) of energy
  2. heated and cooled significantly faster than classical radiators
  3. minimum temperature fluctuations in the room
  4. steady temperature throughout the room


We have developed a new mounting method for the radiator, with which you could mount the radiator twice as fast and easier than the classical radiator. Using the template, which is supplied with all ordered radiators; you will not need to worry about any installation plans or dimensions for mounting.


  • quick, easy and precise mounting
  • stable construction
  • the same distance from the wall to connector for all Primoline radiators


Primoline radiators are designed in a way to save you all that precious time which you spent cleaning the classical radiator. Wooden coating and grate are smoothly removable, which provides an easy access and cleaning of the inside and hidden parts. Removable wooden coating makes an easy access to the heat exchanger, which you can clean. This enables optimum airflow through it, thereby maximum efficiency of your radiator.

In that way the radiator never becomes the litter of dirt and mites, which could affect your health.


All inclusive


The best decision that you can make is not to choose at all, therefore we save your time and worries, and include everything that you need for mounting and for your radiator to operate.

In a Primoline radiator we serially install a mounting console, thermostatic valve, thermostatic head and template for mounting, which completely simplifies the mounting of the radiator.

  1. template for mounting
  2. mounting console
  3. thermostatic valve
  4. thermostatic head


Choosing a Primoline radiator offers you the harmony of living into your home. The youngest members of your family will feel good beside it, as the wooden coating feels warm and it also keeps all the dangerous heat inside the radiator. The design of Primoline radiator, especially line Alfa, does not have sharp edges and that is why it is suitable for small children.


Sinergy with floor heating


Longer response time is one of the biggest disadvantages of floor heating. This is reflected in the relatively slow warming and cooling in the room. Floor heating system needs up to 48 hours to warms up the room. Which consumes a lot of energy and that is why it is not the most suitable option for the transitional periods, when you would like to occasionally warm up the room.

The right solution is the combination of floor heating with Primoline radiators, which, with their fast response, helps you during the transitional periods. In the heating season the floor heating offers you a nice, warm floor and Primoline radiators help you maintain constant temperature in the room at low outside temperatures below -5°C. At such low temperatures the floor heating becomes less effective.

Because Primoline radiators contain less water and are adapted to a low and medium heating temperature regime, you can heat your apartment also with the heat pump system.


Primoline radiators are efficient and save energy. They work excellent at low to medium temperatures. Working effectively at a lower temperature regime contributes to 12 - 15% lower energy consumption.

Thoughtful construction allows the heat to effectively distribute over a large area of fins inside of the radiator. This allows an optimal heat transfer of the air in the room.

Efficient use of energy puts fewer burdens on the environment with harmful emissions and helps with lower heating costs.

Primoline radiators are produced ecologically. In production process we use natural wood and metal and a minimum quantity of solvents and other environmental burdensome substances. Primoline radiators can also be fully recycled.


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Primoline radiators will fill your home with warmth of nature. Take a look at our catalogue and you could most certainly find a product that will fit perfectly in to your room.
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